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  • Kyocera Echo to be announced during Sprint's industry first event later today

Kyocera Echo to be announced during Sprint's industry first event later today

Posted: , by Alex I.

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Kyocera Echo to be announced during Sprint's industry first event later today
With these "industry first" and "the impossible is possible" tags, Sprint really has to do things the right way and announce something big.

Now BusinessWeek has shed light on one phone we can expect during Sprint's industry first event - and, no, it doesn't sound like a heavyweight with monstrous specs. According to a person familiar with the matter, this phone is none other than (hold your breath)... the Kyocera Echo (work name Sanyo Orange).

Info on this handset is not available, and yet, it's virtually certain this is not to be the big announcement Sprint is to make (or at least we hope so).

Mind that the last time we told you about the Kyocera Echo, it was leaked together with the HTC Arrive - a WP7 handset destined for Sprint. Of course, this proves absolutely nothing, and yet, the Arrive is a far more fitting candidate for the "industry first" tag, because, if announced there, it would be the first CDMA Windows Phone 7 device.

However, the most likely candidate is none other than the LG Optimus 3D - the first dual-core handset using glasses-free 3D technology.

The Sprint event is mere hours away (you have to check our live coverage here), and we will be on the spot to tell you all you need to know, so stay tuned to PhoneArena for everything interesting on the subject.

source: BusinessWeek via Engadget

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posted on 07 Feb 2011, 10:43

1. Napoleon (Posts: 60; Member since: 09 Dec 2010)

So the Optimus 3D is no longer going to Vonafone? I mean that is what you reported a few days ago PhoneAreana....

posted on 07 Feb 2011, 11:24 2

2. jbash (Posts: 345; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

hopefully its not like the sanyo zio

posted on 07 Feb 2011, 16:03

7. stuntz (Posts: 178; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

two sanyo zio's taped together... we're screwed...

posted on 07 Feb 2011, 11:42 1

3. Tristann (Posts: 76; Member since: 04 Nov 2010)

The Optimus 3D is still heading to vodafone, that doesnt mean sprint or any other carrier cant get it.

posted on 07 Feb 2011, 11:51 2

4. cornerofthemoon (Posts: 601; Member since: 20 Apr 2010)

The Kyocera Echo is rumored to be a dual touch screened device. Should be cool if Kyocera can prove they can build a high end smartphone


posted on 07 Feb 2011, 13:30 2

5. heyitzme (Posts: 87; Member since: 03 Jan 2011)

I like Sprint and I would like to see them do well but..they seem to be falling behing in terms of phones I mean their highest performing phones are the Evo and the Epic and those have been out for months (years in the mobile world) I'm hoping the announcement is about a phone able to compete with other cariers up and comers...

posted on 07 Feb 2011, 13:48

6. kinglarios (Posts: 1; Member since: 07 Feb 2011)

It is going to be a dual sided android phone!... I got the infor from a reliable resource inside the event... But still dont know why they need david b.!!!!????

posted on 19 Feb 2011, 20:13

8. heyhime (unregistered)

Man, everyone makes it sound as if Sprint has gone down hill. Are they still No.3 or 30? If they would quit changing their stories so much and definitely come up with some better customer service skills and some decent phones and not the left overs this could be a decent company turned around. Judging by the comments I can see I'm not far behind them either!

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