Judging by the PRIV, do you think BlackBerry should adopt Android exclusively? (poll results)

Alike to Nokia, BlackBerry also finally cracked and decided to test the grounds with an Android device that still incorporates some of the core principles of the company — like security and a physical keyboard — but is otherwise quite different. An Android slider, the BlackBerry PRIV did pretty well in our review, and we gave it a 7.2 out of 10. A good start. But should BlackBerry continue working on Google's platform? That's what we asked you yesterday.

And over a thousand of you answered. There's no unanimity here, though, with nearly 55% of voters thinking that BlackBerry would be better off if it ditched its own OS and focused on Android exclusively, while ~41% of you say that the company should invest in both. Judging by the comments that most of you left down below, the latter scenario would see an arrangement such as BlackBerry OS for enterprise and Android for the consumer masses. Not a bad idea, but probably not feasible given the financial strain on the company right now. 

As for the remaining 4.4% of the votes, those would be what we'd call the BlackBerry hardliners who seem to believe that chasing Android fans is folly. We can't say we agree completely, though we certainly see their point — the market is already so saturated that new entrants struggle breaking through.

Are you surprised by the outcome of the poll, and specifically by the not so insignificant number of BlackBerry hardliners (relative at least to the comparatively tiny BlackBerry community)? Do you agree that BlackBerry supporting two whole platforms would be too much of a strain on its shrunken team? Tell us!

Judging by the PRIV, do you think BlackBerry should adopt Android exclusively?

They should continue investing in Android, but also keep making BlackBerry OS devices
Absolutely not


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