Job seekers turning to mobile technology to get an edge

Job seekers turning to mobile technology to get an edge
In a time when unemployment continues to hover around the 9% mark, job seekers are constantly looking for a way to edge out their competition. It is no wonder that more and more people are turning to mobile technology to give them that edge.

In a recent infographic released by career network, Beyond, as much as 77% of job seekers are now using mobile job search apps. That 77% is comprised of 17% who say it is a discreet way to search for a job, 23.79% who enjoy being able to search for a job anytime, anywhere, and 36.27% who say mobile apps allow them to quickly react to new job postings.

Of all the job categories, entry level and college grads make up the largest download percentage at 24.8%. When examining apps with a geographic focus, Manhattan tops the list at 54.4%. Finally, the preferred platform of U.S. smartphone subscribers is Android with 43.7% of users followed by iOS and BlackBerry with 27.3% and 19.7%, respectively.

Overall, has seen over 100% growth in mobile traffic since last year. If you’re currently in the market for a new job and are not using your smartphone to assist your search, you may want to check out the job search apps available for your platform.

source: Beyond via Mashable

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