Jimmy Kimmel prank makes passerby believe their old iPhone is actually the iPhone 7


For all the effort Apple puts into refining the iPhone's design, telling the difference between the old and new models isn't always easy. In fact, it appears to be impossible for the passerby filmed by Jimmy Kimmel's crew.

In the show's latest Apple-themed prank, you'll see a reporter approaching iPhone owners on the street, asking them whether they'd like to swap their current handset for the new iPhone 7 which – according to the reporter – boasts a new "instant transfer" feature that quickly restores user data from older iPhones exactly the way it was. Fair enough!

What the reporter really does is steal their attention away in conversation while his assistant quickly puts on a new case on the unsuspecting passerby's iPhone, cleans its screen, and hands it back to them. The results are hilarious. According to these users, their new iPhone feels thinner and lighter, has a sharper display, and works faster. Just like Apple promised! Some were even convinced to keep their "new" iPhone 7 if they pay $50. One could hardly fathom how a scam of such caliber can be so simple to undertake.

The video is available below. Laugh it off and let us know what you think in the comments section. Meanwhile, the real iPhone 7 which is rather easy to tell from the iPhone 6s with its bigger camera lens and touch-based home button, will arrive in Apple stores September 16. So will the iPhone 7 Plus, whose dual camera on the back is a dead giveaway.

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