Japan earthquake may tip battery prices upwards

Japan earthquake may tip battery prices upwards
The devastating earthquake that hit Japan last week took a heavy toll on the Land of the Rising Sun. Unfortunately, its effects are very likely to be felt on a global scale since production of electronics in Japan has been significantly slowed down by the natural disaster.

Struck by the earthquake were two of Sony's battery cell factories, and until now no information has been given whether they will resume production soon or not. The decrease in battery cell supply may lead to a rise in battery price on the global market, which most certainly translates into more expensive mobile devices. It has been estimated that a noticeable drop in supply will occur if Sony's factories cease production for a period longer than three weeks. That time would be enough for production to fall back by more than ten million battery cells.

Production of semiconductors, memory modules, and LCD panels might be affected as well though not to that high on an extent. DRAM memory manufacturer Elpida is still experiencing power outages in some of its plants, but it will resume production as soon as power is restored. Luckily for Toshiba – the company responsible for approximately 35% of global chip manufacturing, its production plants didn't suffer that much of an impact as they were far enough from the epicenter.

source: Digitimes



1. jbash

Posts: 345; Member since: Feb 07, 2011

Our prayers go out to eveyone in Japan during this catastrophic disaster.

2. Moosekillerwithfarts unregistered

NOT to offend all that lost their lives in this catostraphic event, but mabye this is what we needed just to understand that cellphones are advancing at a faster rate than what they need to. Just my opinion.

4. sUsPeNc3 unregistered

your comment is more stupid than you are.

3. theonewhowhistles unregistered

stand firm through this storm citizens of japan , pray & remember that the sun shines at it's brightest after the storm..(:

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