JP Morgan says more than 50,000 Pre's sold this weekend

JP Morgan says more than 50,000 Pre's sold this weekend
According to brokerage house JP Morgan, more than 50,000 Palm Pre's were sold over the weekend. The figure hit expectations but fell short of the 146,000 first generation iPhones that were sold during the opening weekend of that device's launch. The Wall Street firm said that the shortage of handsets due to "capacity constraints in manufacturing" prevented the number of Pre's sold from being higher. Neither Palm nor Sprint have released an estimate of Pre sales and some reports vary in that figure. A new report from the WSJ says that 50,000 to 100,000 units were sold. Whatever the true number, it appears that the Pre had a successful first weekend and most analysts are waiting for next weekend's sales numbers to see if the handset can sustain demand.

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source: WSJ via EngadgetMobile


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