JOYSTICK-IT for iPhone gives you that nostalgic arcade control

JOYSTICK-IT for iPhone gives you that nostalgic arcade control

If you haven’t noticed by now, mobile gaming is exploding ata rapid rate with most people nowadays using their smartphones to kick back,relax, and kill some time playing a variety of games.  However, if you so happen to adore some of thenostalgic games out there that generally operate with some sort of on-screenjoystick, you might find the JOYSTICK-IT for iPhone somewhat useful.


Even though it’s made specifically to work with the iPhone,we managed to use the JOYSTICK-IT with other smartphones as well – albeit, itworks on games that feature fixed virtual on-screen controls. For example, thisphysical arcade joystick will work with old-school titles like Pac-Man that measurescontrol in a uniform manner. However, for other modern games like Gun Bros, itdoesn’t quite work out since it measures control based on how you swipe theon-screen joystick.


Of course, we checked it out for ourselves playing StreetFighter II Champion Edition on the iPhone 4, but due the game's nature of executing complexcontrols, the JOYSTICK-IT isn’t the ideal thing for it. Rather, it’s bettersuited for less intense games – like Pac-Man or Frogger. Additionally, itssuction is rather lacking seeing that it comes off if you happen to angle ittowards one side all the way, which isn’t something you want to happen duringthe thick of battle.


Ultimately, it’s made to work with less intensive games, butconsidering that it sports a price point of $17.99, it’s a bit up there toactually experience physical controls with a game. Still, we’re sure some peoplewill surely appreciate its offering.


source: Think Geek

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