It's the bomb: 20+ Samsung Galaxy Note 7 memes, GIFs, vines, and videos you might find funny


So far, 2016 has been a pretty eventful year for Samsung. After the generally warm welcome of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, the only thing that Samsung had to do in order to finish the year on a rather high note was to make sure the Note 7 hits the shelves without any major issues, quietly and uneventfully. 

Sadly, as you all likely now, a life-threatening battery flaw on every 1 in 24 Note 7 devices caused Samsung to kick off one of the largest and probably most damaging smartphone recalls in recent years. Twice.

However, despite all of this the fact that around a 1.9 million stubborn folks are refusing to listen to the multiple voices of reason and return their potentially dangerous smartphones that are now also illegal to bring on board of a plane. Well, do as you like, but we'd return the phone if we were you!

Meanwhile, folks on the Internet have had a field day and produced countless dank memes, light-hearted GIFs, vines, and videos that focus on the entertaining part of the whole fiasco.

We do find some of these funny, so we decided to make a compilation that will hopefully let you have a laugh or at least a smile, courtesy of the Note 7 debacle.

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