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Is this the Samsung Vibrant 4G out in the wild?

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Is this the Samsung Vibrant 4G out in the wild?

Image courtesy of BGR
The Galaxy S lineup has been a huge success for Samsung last year, but this year 4G is the hot topic and the Koreans are doing their best to stay competitive. The Samsung Vibrant 4G for T-Mobile, Sammy's latest bid in the 4G race, was rumored for a release on February 23rd and now it has also appeared in photographs from a tipster for tech blog BGR.

There, the Samsung Vibrant 4G surprisingly runs Android 2.3 instead of Froyo, while the whole experience was described as “smooth” and “stupid fast.” Samsung's updates might still be a sensitive topic for many, but the Korean company seems to be quick in releasing new handsets.

The familiar 4-inch Super AMOLED screen will remain the same in the Vibrant 4G, but the device adds 21 Mbps-capable HSPA+ radio, the fastest on T-Mobile so far. As of now the handset was reported to run Vanilla Android, but TouchWiz is due to be out for Gingerbread soon and this might change. The Vibrant 4G also brings a front-facing camera for easier video calling. It is still unclear how this phone will stand in the company of the upcoming dual-core heavyweights, so let's wait for an official announcement.

source : BGR

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