Is there a Motorola Nexus 5 coming next quarter?

Is there a Motorola Nexus 5 coming next quarter?
The success of Motorola and Google to create the highly publicized Motorola Moto X might have convinced Google that its wholly owned subsidiary is up to the task of producing the next Nexus handset. Taylor Wimberly, who has been close to Motorola, posted on his Google+ page on Thursday the news that the Motorola Nexus 5 will be launched in the fourth quarter. Wimberly makes it clear that this is not the Motorola Moto X.

Earlier speculation had LG behind the next Nexus handset, following up on the success it had with the Google Nexus 4. Earlier this year, rumors about an LG Nexus 5 contained specs that seemed too far reaching. Looking at those specs now, it sounds extremely similar to the LG G2 making it seem possible that a variant of the LG G2 would be chosen as the Nexus 5.

Still, a Motoroa Nexus handset has been rumored from the moment that Google purchased the manufacturer. Now that Motorola has worked through the pipeline it had built up prior to being purchased by Google, and the Motorola Moto X has whet the appetite of many smartphone buyers, this could be the opportune time to give Motorola this prime assignment.

source: Google+ via AndroidCommunity, SlashGear

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