Is a phone called the HTC Desire 4G LTE coming to Verizon?

Is a phone called the HTC Desire 4G LTE coming to Verizon?
Verizon's device management system has been a treasure trove of smartphone gossip over the years, and on Saturday it once again was a wealth of information. A screenshot of the system revealed a device called the HTC Desire 4G LTE that obviously offers 4G LTE connectivity (hence its name). What we don't know is if this is just a rehash of one of the OEM's recent models, or if this is something entirely new.

HTC does have an exciting new device purportedly coming to Verizon. While the HTC6435LVW has been characterized as a beast of a phablet with a 5 inch screen offering 1080p resolution, the HTC Desire 4G LTE is not that model. If it is something we've just seen, it could be Verizon's version of the HTC Desire X which is supposedly an HTC mid-ranger with a 4 inch WVGA screen and a dual-core 1GHz  Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. A 5MP shooter is on the back, and there is 768MB of RAM on board.

The time frame of the HTC Desire X's launch would seem to coincide with the listing on the screenshot. We expect to see the phone released in Europe, Africa and Asia sometime this month. While there is no word about a U.S. launch, we'd expect an eventual Stateside release to be sometime this quarter which would make sense for a device making an appearance on Verizon's device management system.

source: Engadget



1. Malique001

Posts: 58; Member since: Jun 08, 2012

I hope Verizon soop's this Desire up

2. Captain_Doug

Posts: 1037; Member since: Feb 10, 2012

How is there a place for this on Verizon's line up? Dinc4G kinda fills the 4 inch, HTC, 4G, niche. This'll have to be alot cheaper.

3. jeroome86

Posts: 2314; Member since: Apr 12, 2012

When will they get a one x equivalent. This sounds like a Incredible type device.

4. richardyarrell2011

Posts: 510; Member since: Mar 16, 2011

Verizon flop..

5. Sparhawk

Posts: 75; Member since: Mar 10, 2012

The original HTC Desire was rebranded on VZW as the HTC Droid Eris. Here's to hoping that the Desire X is better.

6. vincent95

Posts: 17; Member since: May 19, 2012

The Desire 4G LTE is the Thunderbolt. Based on the other phones on that list, that's my take on it.

7. Sparhawk

Posts: 75; Member since: Mar 10, 2012

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