Is Windows RT as secure as it should be?

Is Windows RT as secure as it should be?
Although Windows RT looks a lot like Windows 8, there is one pretty significant difference between the two. While the latter version of the platform is compatible with all the Windows apps and games that are currently available, RT can only run apps that are specifically made for it. For now, Windows RT apps can be downloaded only from the Windows Marketplace, where about 10,000 of them are being offered.

But because of this app distributing model, software made for Windows RT should be more secure and resistant to hacks, right? Well, not exactly. While Microsoft does have a better control over what applications are being published, they aren't that hard to tamper with once they are installed. The proof comes from a developer who managed to hack a game and get extra gold for his character (screenshot below). What makes this hack such a big deal, however, is that all the gold he added actually costs about $100 of real-world currency.

Now, we know that this is just an isolated case, but it does raise some serious questions: are all Windows RT apps vulnerable to hacks? Are they a potentially easy target for software pirates? Well, we'll have to wait and see what the future holds.

source: Microsoft News

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