Is Sprint late with its transition to LTE?

Is Sprint late with its transition to LTE?
Sprint made headlines today by officially announcing what we've been expecting to hear for so long, namely its plans to adopt the LTE technology. By doing so, the Now Network will likely become the third major US carrier to offer LTE connectivity to its customers, with Verizon and AT&T holding first and second spot respectively.

But if LTE and the blazing-fast internet speeds that it delivers are now a perk that Verizon uses to lure people into joining its subscriber database, the feature will not be unique to the carrier once AT&T flips the switch to its own LTE pipelines. That way, customers will have a choice if LTE holds the top spot in their priority list. And when Sprint hops on the LTE bandwagon as well, it will be more or less a step towards catching up with the big boys rather than delivering a groundbreaking technology to the masses.

That being said, it seems like Sprint is a bit late with its transition to LTE. Or would it not matter that much once Sprint deploys its LTE infrastructure and matches the competition in terms of coverage? Feel free to cast your vote in our poll below!

Is Sprint late with its transition to LTE?

Yes! By the time Sprint starts offering LTE, AT&T and Verizon will have lured the majority of customers demanding the feature.
No! Sprint's aggressive LTE rollout will take the nation by storm and customers will have a worthy alternative to AT&T and Verizon if they demand high internet speeds.
Sprint is a bit late, but it had to hop on the LTE bandwagon sooner or later. The scale of the impact doing so will cause depends on how fast the LTE network gets unrolled.

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