Is Apple quietly bringing the iPod out of oblivion? Rumors of the iPod Touch returning with a 64-bit chip say it's so

Is Apple quietly bringing the iPod out of oblivion? Rumors of the iPod Touch returning with a 64-bit
Could the unthinkable happen? Could the unfathomable descend upon us in all its unimaginable glory?

Could Apple unveil a new iPod soon?

Do ghosts exist? Seriously, talking about a new iPod at this point feels like arguing over ghosts and paranormal events. We don't know for sure they exist, but there are people out there claiming beyond doubt that they saw or heard something strange in the attic! Likewise, claims that sometime around tomorrow, July 14, Apple will unveil a new iPod Touch.

Allegedly, the new iPod is going to look and feel pretty much the same as the 2012 5th-gen iPod Touch, save for a new set of colors and a 64-bit SoC ticking under its iPhone-like hood.

The website cites "knowledgeable sources" who discovered references to new Apple devices named n102 (the new iPod Touch, current model is n78), n31a (new iPod nano, current models is n31), and n12d (new iPod shuffle, current model is n12b). As for the purported date, we're not quite sure how the French got it, or whether there's going to be a keynote event or anything.

It makes sense. Leaving the iPod forever, with a 32-bit A5 chip and all the best technology 2012 had to offer, would have meant signing its death sentence. Yet, we can think of at least two reasons why Apple has nothing to lose by giving the iPod another shot. First, the introduction of Apple Music and Beats Radio makes for a perfect moment to raise the iPod back from oblivion as the service's physical manifestation.

Second, it won't take much effort to re-purpose the iPod for a new generation of listeners. Apple would probably beg to differ, but to us, the iPod Touch hit its functionality and design peak a long time ago. All it would take now is to make it run the latest Apple software as good as the latest iPod devices, and we're all set. Of course, Apple might as well add a new camera and more RAM while it's at it, but we've showcased enough wishful thinking already.

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While the iPod Touch is eligible for an upgrade, it seems the iPod nano and iPod Shuffle aren't up for any major changes.

And that's the information we have for you. Perhaps there is a silver of truth to it, and it's possible Apple won't be holding a special event just to introduce refreshed iPods. It doesn't hold events for updated MacBooks, for example. So, for now, we're playing the waiting game.

source: via Ubergizmo

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