Invent with Nokia invites you to squeeze your creative juice for money

Invent with Nokia invites you to squeeze your creative juice for money
Invent with Nokia has just been launched by Espoo as an invitation to everyone across the world to help the company with innovative ideas. The best ideas who get recognition in the form of a patent will get financial reward, which will grow further if a proposed idea is greeted warmly by Nokia users. The Finns are calling for ideas and concepts not just for new phones, but also a “radical new feature or service.”

The first step towards the financial reward is submitting non-confidential information about the idea on Nokia’s newly launched Invent with Nokia website. Most importantly, the rest of the information should be perfectly secure. If your idea passes through the inevitable flood of propositions you'll also be inducted into “a hall of fame.”

As good as it all sounds, another view at the matter suggests that Nokia could be struggling with ideas to differentiate in the Windows Phone world where it’s taking its baby steps. Latest rumor on the street pointed at four WP7 devices being developed by the Finns, and some of them seemed to look more like a copy of existing handsets like the N8 or the business E-series than something groundbreakingly new. What in your opinion could differentiate Espoo’s handsets? Sound off in the comments after you see Nokia’s main man Stephen Elop explain all the details about Innovate with Nokia in the video below.

source: Nokia Conversations



1. inthecloud

Posts: 1; Member since: May 16, 2011

Great hardware lack of software ideas .....Hopefully that will change ! Go Go Go Nokia & MS . By the way i wanna know , is it possible that MS will buy Nokia ?

3. vishu9

Posts: 252; Member since: Mar 03, 2011

No way..the Finns will never let MS or any other company for that matter to buy Nokia

4. Jeromeo

Posts: 135; Member since: Jan 11, 2010

What could differentiate them? GET BACK TO THEIR ROOTS!! That would differentiate their devices. All of the industry firsts in all of the amazing hardware designs since 1998: changeable faceplates, a chrome phone (first phone to be chrome, first in the world with an internal antenna), a brushed aluminum phone with chrome keys (first to have internal and hidden, slide-up external antenna), first to have WAP, click-button/snap-down keypads, color changing paints depending on sunlight or fluorescent lighting, see-through back lit glass, titanium housings, amazing and different keypads including the weird birth control pill design, precision ball bearings rising screen/keypad up from body, sapphire crystal glass screens, stainless steel sliders, optical zoom cameras, dvd quality video, dual cameras since 2005, NFC years before everyone else, genius twistable gears (like the N93i), and so many more! How could Nokia forget what Nokia made, why Nokia was successful, why Nokia was no.1?

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