Interactive User Guide for the LG Dare now posted on Verizon's site

Interactive User Guide for the LG Dare now posted on Verizon's site
With the on-line release of the LG Dare only two days away (June 26), it appears that Verizon is getting ready for the big launch. The Interactive User Guide has now been spotted, which shows how to perform various operations on the device, such as dialing phone numbers and charging the battery, but also goes into more detail with the music player, camera, video recording, photo editing, messaging, V Cast, and Bluetooth.

As we reported last week, the Dare is expected to be priced at $199 after $50 rebate on a 2-year contract, $249 after $50 rebate on a 1-year contract, and $409 full retail.

*UPDATE* For those of you who can't wait until the 26th for the "official release", it appears that Verizon's TeleSales is now accepting orders for the Dare.

source: Verizon Wireless



1. unregistered

Wow, this phone sure has some major advantages over the iPhone. Bluetooth Stereo, Instant, Picture, and Video Messaging, handwriting recognition, awesome camera, replaceable battery, exchangeable memory, turn-by-turn directions, music download... totally awesome phone!!

4. Donny unregistered

Great features but will it finally play YouTube videos. Thats a must for me. Does anyone know. There is No verizon phone as of yet that can play YouTube videos.......unless its a smartphone.

6. unregistered

yes one of the insiders have stated that you can watch youtube videos off of ""

12. LL unregistered

you can watch you tube on any phone that verizon wireless sell with a full html browser- (ex. voyager & glyde) its just that that #6 brought up

13. unregistered

The voyager actually has you tube in the enhanced web browser. You don't put the site in the browser because there is a link in the browser that is named you tube for you to watch the videos and they play very clear.

22. The Zune Lune

Posts: 41; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

You are gonna those crazy iphone fanboys upset, bc of course, nothing beats an apple - lol.

27. unregistered

verizon telesales is not taking orders on the dare as of today ive called 5 times same answer

43. unregistered

no, it just seems that the west coast is getting orders in easier then anywhere else. i called them today at 12 and was talking to the guy for a half hour he kept telling me they didnt have it and it just said it was "coming soon" and i kept telling him my friend had gotten one and then he was like let me check something and sure enough he said i could get it and ill be getting it before Thursday.

53. unregistered

here's the link for the enhanced web browser for the Voyager so you can play youtube videos:

57. VZW Employee unregistered

So, your saying "YOUTUBE" is the most important feature on a phone that your looking for? That's great news because now I can actually submit your comment into YOUTUBE and maybe get them to make a phone especially for your "YOUTUBE" enjoying purpose and that will be the only feature that phone will be capable of doing for your enjoyment...

64. primewax unregistered

West coast is the only region with them in stock as of right now.

74. Big Red unregistered

There is a website for mobile web version of yuo Tube it is come on people get with it

90. unregistered

My z6tv plays youtube videos and also my voyager so why you say no verizon phone plays youtube videos you iphone lover

101. b808minicoop unregistered

the voyager can play youtube, but you have to go to the mobile version of the site (

111. Marcinko123

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 25, 2008

does anyone know where i can purchase this phone online??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

112. unregistered

June 26 on line.

142. unregistered

if i order it tomorrow will i get it on friday?

154. unregistered

accually the voyager does play you tube videos.

160. unregistered


164. unregistered

you cant watch youtube mobile on the glyde...#12 is wrong

169. nikki unregistered

my lg voyager plays youtube videos on the regular website

175. eric1456 unregistered

donny, I have the voyager and can watch youtube videos.

176. Time Travler unregistered

I ordered on line this Thur at 0700 PM and phone was Fedexed by 10 PM same day. Will pick it up today (6/28 at Fedex center.

178. unregistered

actually, if u go to, you can go on youtube. i did it on my voyager and im sure you could do this on the dare

2. unregistered

the thing that sucks its not a glass interface. i hate the voyagers and ill probably hate this one too. it wears out after a couple of months. i guess ill have to wait for the blackberry thunder. so annoying. i do like how they added a 3.5mm head jack though. thats pretty awesome

3. unregistered

(same person from above) unless someone can convince me to get this phone ill get it. does anyone agree with me on the interface though?

5. unregistered

definitely, i strongly agree with your comment.

9. unregistered

Honestly for an extra $50 a 1 year contract sounds like an amazing idea. The Thunder is suppost to be due late this year early next year, so you should be close for an upgrade when it comes out. I say go for it, worse thing that can happen is you don't like and return it within 30 days buyers remorse.

58. VZW Employee unregistered

Yeah, I wish the LG phones that Verizon carries would come in something other then cheap plastic. The only phone that Verizon carried which wasn't made of cheap plastic was the LG vx8700 the stainless steel looking phone. I do like how the Prada and the Vu from AT&T is designed looks wise.

134. unregistered

The Vu looks good on screen but in person I wasn't impressed. Cheap black plastic and the screen was HORRIBLE. Dare would be a different story from the way things look, hopefully it will be.

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