Intel CEO says Nokia quit MeeGo because of financial reasons, to find new partners for its OS

Intel CEO says Nokia quit MeeGo because of financial reasons, to find new partners for its OS
During a conference call, Intel CEO Paul Otellini claimed Nokia abandoned the MeeGo project because of financial reasons.

He further expressed his surprise that Nokia's CEO sided with Windows Phone rather than Android, and claimed MeeGo was the best option, also noting it would be hard for Nokia to differentiate itself from other manufacturers in the WP ecosystem:

"I wouldn't have made the decision he [Elop] made, I would probably have gone to Android if I were him. MeeGo would have been the best strategy but he concluded he couldn't afford it.

It would have been less hard on Android, on MeeGo he could have done it."

Despite Nokia's decision to side with WP, Paul Otellini remains optimistic that Intel will find new partners for MeeGo:

"We will find other partners. The carriers still want a third ecosystem and the carriers want an open ecosystem, and that's the thing that drives our motivation."

MeeGo definitely looked promising, and probably still does so, but, understandably, questions have been raised about its future since Nokia joined the Windows Phone bandwagon. What's your opinion on this one - do you think MeeGo has a future in the smartphone/tablet business?

source: Reuters



1. bluechris unregistered

Meego received mixed reviews on Tablet at MWC it seems, although i like the concept. There are very few devices running the netbook version yet and i don't know if any manufacturers are using the IN vehicle version. On phone it's hard to say if it can be successful because there isn't a device for it yet. ONly on seeing a device will we have a real idea. Ultimately, i think Nokia is only getting the access to Windows Phone that it expects to have because it is making it the PRIMARY Smartphone platform in future, so contractually they had to drop Meego. A real shame. I still look forward to seeing what Nokia releases with Meego, and I will certainly be getting any official or community version on my N900 once it is available.

2. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

When this Nokia/W7 story first broke, it was about getting some phones out to compete while Symbian and Meego got some work done to them. In other words- use WP7 as a lower cost way to continue cash streams while getting high end devices on Meego working and updating Symbian to be competitive. Many bloggers and posts said that was just lip service, and Nokia wanted to be in bed with Microsoft and it's resources. I just am not sure if Nokia wants to stand on it's own in this market anymore.

3. thebrickhouse

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 17, 2011

Screw Nokia. They ruined Symbian, by making it unmarketable and unprofitable. I wouldn't want them touching MeeGo for the sake that they would totally dissolve that too. And just think... if Nokia and Intel had not come together when they did, we could be talking about the total destruction of Maemo right now. Microsoft can "partner/buy" them as far as I'm concerned. Windows Phone 7 sucks. It is creative eyecandy at best. I almost died laughing when they announced they were bringing "Copy and Paste" to their platform. Have fun with Microsoft's dll-Hell. What a joke. Intel has more than enough stroke to get someone to partner with them on building a phone. MeeGo can still be successful. Solid marketing, and a solid smartphone design can solve this. Android had to start somewhere, and so can MeeGo.

4. dmberta

Posts: 25; Member since: Dec 30, 2009

"It is creative eyecandy at best." Which of the tops phone OS's didn't start as "creative eyecandy"? I can't think of any. They all gained traction because of look and feel being put ahead of release day functionality.

5. crack187 unregistered

True troll to the fullest. Nokia made the smart move because MS has an established eco system through Windows 7, Zune, xbox live, ect. (And I emphasize ESTABLISHED, not the best or most popular). MeeGo took to long to get a fully operational product into consumers hands. By the time it's release (if ever), it'll be outdated already. And since there's no real desirable consumer product to utilizing MeeGo, it's just vaporware as far as I am concern. MS has the resources to make Windows Phone 7 a success. If you like vaporware, be my guess. Compare to the competition (iOS, Windows Phone 7, Android, Blackberry OS 6, WebOS), MeeGo will be just like the Samsung Wave and their in-house OS..... an afterthought.

6. crack187 unregistered

Correction: *too

7. miragle drug unregistered

meego is the future nokia is the past

8. myclevername

Posts: 94; Member since: Jun 07, 2010

MeeGo was, is and will be nothing more than Intel trying to get their chips into cellphones. It's not about a "3rd ecosystem" or "holding back the exponential growth of Android" or anything else noble and romantic. It's Intel trying to get their chips onto cellphones.

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