Instinct keeps getting better, now offers calendar sync

Instinct keeps getting better, now offers calendar sync
Things just keep getting better for Sprint's feature phone.  After releasing a firmware update a few weeks back that allowed third party applications to access the keyboard (Opera Mini, yay!) and added document viewing capabilities (.doc, .xls, .pdf, etc.), Sprint has again updated the Samsung Instinct to bring corporate calendar support to the phone.  Sprint Mobile Email Work, developed by SEVEN, already supported synchronization of work email and contacts, and now anyone with an Exchange server or Lotus Notes account can also take control of their calendar via their mobile device.

This is a full featured solution, which gives the user complete control over their calendar.  From the Instinct users users can see upcoming appointments in daily, weekly and monthly views, as well as an appointment view which gives them further detail about the event.  Appointments can be created, edited and deleted on the go, and users are able to accept and decline meeting invitations.  Anything done on the phone, of course, syncs back with the server.  The update to Sprint Mobile Email is available now to all existing customers, and new customers will automatically benefit from the changes.  Sprint plans to bring this update to other non-PDA phones in the future, further blurring the line between consumer and corporate devices.

Samsung Instinct Specifications | Review

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1. unregistered

to bad i already got a touch pro

2. unregistered


3. xECK29x unregistered

Any chance of a re-review of this phone with all the updates? It's almost like a whole new device and my girlfriend is kicking herself for selling it off early!

4. lahlah unregistered

the instinct wasnt meant to be a smartphone when it came out. It was a media phone directed at a younger crowd. However, this update is great for those who want to use their instinct as a "smart phone" either way im glad it came out

5. VDubb

Posts: 49; Member since: Dec 04, 2008

Instinct isn't quite a smartphone yet. Once Sprint actually initiate the App store, making use of the SDK, then it can reach that status. - VDubb

6. unregistered

it already has an "app store," youve been able to download games and applications from day one

7. unregistered

how? is that just for the instinct..or other phones as well?

8. unregistered

Did u read the article? And I'm not trying to be funny

9. unregistered

At this point I am starting to feel bad for Sprint. They are trying but I am sure their fourth quarter numbers will be terrible. I hope they can manage to keep it together because if they gain some steam maybe my verizon bill would go down and the market as a whole would be more competitive.

10. jrcrow unregistered

Hey im happy with my service...which is a higher recommendation..I have had the ATT Vu so I am familiar with the touch it really worth texting on if I am a textnig person...Internet isntr highest priority as push email is which I already have on my Samsung it worth switching? E

20. unregistered

This phone is great! I have had my instinct for about 2 months and every update has made this phone excellent.

11. unregistered

I actually have really been happy with my Instinct. I know there have been a lot of folks that have given up on this phone and are claiming that Sprint is as well, but they are still advertising the heck out of it and continue to improve it as they go. They would not do this if they were abandoning the phone as many of the fatalists have claimed. This update is a really good step forward. It is really helpful that to be able to view file attachments. There is also an independent app store developing at Most of the apps aren't overwhelmingly cool yet, but there is one that looks like it will make a lot of folks happy. It is a Calendar program that will eventually (its not fully functional yet) sync with Google Calendar, which easily syncs with iCal, etc.

12. vzw fanman unregistered

why do sprint advertise movies and shows!? they advertise on the movie eagle eye and on knocked up also!!! they should spend their money on building cell phone towers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13. unregistered

lets see... there network, based on subscribers is pretty good... they finished top 2 in most markets, behind verizon... its not the network that needs the money... they should gobble up all the small carriers like verizon does, and claim that they spend more money than anyone else on the network... buying companies out does improve the network, but its misleading the customers...

17. unregistered

was this based on sprint and verizon being the only two cdma carriers?

22. unregistered

a lot of smaller markets have cdma carriers... the alltel acquisition is a prime example... theyre cdma too...

24. unregistered


25. DonLouie

Posts: 594; Member since: Dec 22, 2008

One of the 1st first thing antagonist say is Sprint has a bad network, that's just plain have because it isn't true

14. unregistered

what about isilo programs, will they work on this?

15. unregistered

im really about to buy this off contract and activate it on verizon

16. unregistered

Until they make it alright to do that, only talk and text will work. If anybody can testify differently, with proof, that wouldn't be smart because out the door the phone cost $500

18. unregistered

I have seem posts where people claim to have an Instinct on a VZW account and they say they can text, talk, and web but that is it. With Live Search and TeleNav being some of the better features on the phone it would make it hard to drop $500 for it. I also wonder if you would still be able to add any 3rd party apps like Opera Mini or Google Maps.

19. unregistered

Where is the proof that an Instinct was activated on vzw and web worked afterwards, I won't believe til seen. Again why would you spend all that money to have it partially work elsewhere, just get a Dare or Storm

21. unregistered

I am currently a verizonwireless customer and I have purchased the curve thinking that it would take my mind off of this phone but I am so obsessed with the instinct that I am thinking about getting the service just for the phone of course I am not letting go of my verizon service.

23. unregistered

I was an early adopter, now that all the updates have come out, that it's looking like I should give it another go round. What's making me hesitate is that the Omnia will be part of thier lineup and I will have to wait til 9/09 before I can get a full rebate

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