Instagram seen in Windows Phone ad; is app heading to Windows Phone?

Instagram seen in Windows Phone ad; is app heading to Windows Phone?
A picture of the Nokia Lumia 620 sitting in the window of a store in Portugal shows off what could be an exciting piece of news for Windows Phone owners. The homescreen on the device is displaying the now famous logo for photo sharing and social networking site Instagram. If  you're a Windows Phone owner who has been dying for Instagram to be available for the platform, this picture should make you squeal with delight. And with BlackBerry World apparently not expected to be receiving a native version of the app, or at least not soon, a Windows Phone Instagram app released after BlackBerry was seemingly rejected, could help Microsoft's mobile OS in its expected battle with BlackBerry 10 for third place in  smartphone marketshare. Think we're placing too much importance on Instagram's popularity? Just the other day it announced 100 million monthly active visitors

But will there be a celebration? The problem with this picture is that if you do a search for Instagram in the Windows Phone Store, you are greeted with a number of third party apps that use the Instagram logo, and any of those could have been used on this Nokia Lumia 620. Looking at this another way, before Instagram officially joined what was then the Android Market, a number of rumors first started spreading and we saw a leaked screenshot of the app offered on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. As far as a rumor linking Instagram with the Windows Phone platform, the cupboard has been bare.

Still, there is always hope. Nothing official has been said one way or the other, so if you pray hard enough to the smartphone gods, who knows what might happen?

source: WPCentral


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