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Some Instagram users report seeing a new feature allowing Stories to include an open-ended question

Instagram now allows users to ask questions in Stories
Those posting a Story on Instagram can ask readers to answer a poll, or use an emoji slider to gauge the feelings of their audience. But now, some Instagram users say that they have seen a new feature that allows someone posting a Story to ask an open-ended question and receive a response with no set word limit. Not all Instagram users have reported seeing this new feature yet, so we have to assume that it is has just started rolling out now.

Instagram is said to be worth $100 billion, or 100 times the amount that Facebook spent to acquire the photo and video sharing app back in April 2012. Last month, the app debuted its IGTV video platform, which shows clips that run as long as 60-minutes. And just a few days ago, Instagram launched a feature that allows iOS users to add music to their Stories. Android users will eventually get this feature as well.

Last month, Instagram also reported that it has one billion monthly active users, which values each user at $100. Thanks in part to all of the new features, Instagram is growing faster than its parent. The latest figures show it growing monthly active users at a rate of 5% per quarter. Facebook is growing the number of its monthly active users by 3.14% each quarter.

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