Infographic claims US is pretty expensive for mobile data, best value-for-money goes to Korea

Infographic claims US is pretty expensive for mobile data, best value-for-money goes to Korea
This cool infographic on the right compares 3G and 4G mobile data offerings worldwide, among other statistics, and in the category of monthly charges for 2GB of data the US&A easily takes the cake, according to the creators.

We don't know which exactly plans are the designers referring to, maybe they have taken the US carriers plans' average, but we are willing to let the conspiracy theories slide because of the other nice info crammed into the infographic. It seems that the best countries for wireless living are Korea, Sweden and Japan, judging from the network speed/unlimited data monthly charge ratios.

The best value-for-money data plan crown actually goes to Korea, which offers unlimited traffic for $54 with average network speeds of around 40Mbps, while for the fastest commercial network on Earth you have to move to Sweden, which was the first to roll LTE - $78 per month for 30GB of usage gets you 80Mbps average speeds.

Ericsson recently tested its LTE Advanced network in Stockholm, showcasing speeds up to 1Gbps, so that is one additional incentive to speed up that planned relocation to the Scandinavian country for any mobile data fanatic.

source: Visually via DailyMobile



1. Box unregistered

So Verizon raising its rates hurts our statistic even more. Yay.

2. Yeeee

Posts: 190; Member since: Aug 02, 2011

But in those countries you buy phones for full price when to go to Verizon they lose 4 hundred dollars so the make it up in data

3. Nohow unregistered

Is it any surprise? The US business models are designed to gouge the most $/customer. European and Asian countries enjoy far greater wireless speeds and more than reasonable monthly rates. I'd gladly pay full price for a mobile device, if my monthly connection fee and transfer rates were as good a in the "free world". Funny thing is, 4G doesn't even exist in the States yet. It's "transitional". Once highspeed infrastructure is improved enough for genuine 4G speeds... we'll get charged even more. Can't wait.

4. QuickeS1lver

Posts: 3; Member since: Nov 09, 2011

for NoHow....Umm 4G is here in the states...its called LTE.....Verizon has this and AT&T is getting theirs up and expanded as well.....TMob and SPrint are using 3.5 or WIMAX

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