Inexplicable optimism: RIM CEO could get sued for misrepresenting reality

Inexplicable optimism: RIM CEO could get sued for misrepresenting reality

You already know about the rosy future of RIM and BlackBerry, don’t you? No, are you surprised? Everyone seemed at least a little bit surprised at the perfect fantasy world painted by the RIM chief executive Thorsten Heins. Inexplicable optimism would be putting it mildly, and delusional was the more common descriptor about the CEO’s statement that there is “nothing wrong with the company as it exists right now.”

Paired with the delayed launch of the first BlackBerry 10 devices, the statement comes close to misrepresenting reality on purpose. And according to “several securities law experts and some investors” polled by the New York Times, a lawsuit could be coming.

Ex Apple product division head, Jean-Louis Gassée, also agreed about RIM’s rosy picture of reality: “They’re going to get sued and they should get sued because I think a closer look at the record is likely to unearth knowing and willful misrepresentation. When the CEO. says there’s nothing wrong with the company as it is, it’s not cautious, it doesn’t make sense.”

RIM’s chief executive Heins explains that his optimism comes from being in the kitchen of the BlackBerry maker and seeing what’s cooking there. Time will tell, but it seems that presently, there’s little evidence to support Heins’s optimism.

source: NY Times


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