Incognito mode rolling out to Google Maps on Android, coming soon to iOS

Incognito mode rolling out to Google Maps on Android, coming soon to iOS
Google revealed several months ago plans to bring some sort of incognito mode to its Maps app. True to its promise, the search giant announced today that Incognito mode is now rolling out to Google Maps, a security feature that's been available to YouTube users since early this year.

But what exactly Incognito mode means and what it does for Google Maps users when it's enabled? It's quite simple, when Incognito mode is turned on, all Maps activity on the device, including the places you search for, won't be saved to a Google Account or used to personalize the user's Maps experience.

To enable Incognito mode, simply select it from the menu the shows up when you tap your profile photo. The new feature can be turned off at any time if you want to start receiving a personalized experience with restaurant recommendations, information about your commute, and other feature created for you.

According to Google, the new Incognito mode will start rolling out on Android this month, with iOS coming soon.


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