Images of HP's Windows 7 Slate 500 tablet are revealed in photos and video

Images of HP's Windows 7 Slate 500 tablet are revealed in photos and video
Back in August, we reported that HP had put aside plans to make a tablet called the Slate. Then today, we told you that the head of HP's mobility group, Jon Rubinstein, was calling for the launch of a Windows tablet to take place before the company releases its webOS pad. And now, to break the tie, we have pictures and video of what is being called the Slate 500.

The tablet is expected to be available in October for an expected price of $549. On board will be a 1.86GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM,  front and back cameras and an 8.9 inch multitouch screen.

source: electronista, BGR



1. asd unregistered

apparently windows 7, not window phone 7

2. Business Traveller unregistered

iPAD - great for home / media. HP Slate - great for business. I am tired of lugging around a heavy notebook on trips when I do mostly email and presentations. I don't need that much horsepower - Atom is fine. All of our business apps and security run under Microsoft / windows which is a must. I want one!! Where / when is it available? When I am not traveling, I'll use my notebook docked with large monitor and keyboard/mouse. During travel, my slate.

3. phone pro unregistered

This is just what I've always wanted. this is a device that once the devs start making UI's will be the best tablet on the market. I know you'll be able to it what you want it to be

4. stonee unregistered

Like a TV paly, I don't plan to use tablet for my business, so I won't buy HP Slate 500 for the lack of apps that can use for it, furthermore they can't offer me a list like this "Top 10 Best Free iPad Photo Apps for Download" which is done by ifunia, and stably data accessing as playbook(tablet for business and industry too).

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