ITC delays completion of Samsung-Apple review until June 4th

ITC delays completion of Samsung-Apple review until June 4th
The ITC had been expected to make a ruling today on one of the many Samsung-Apple patent battles that it was reviewing. But in an unusual move, the panel has delayed its ruling by five days until June 4th. Judge James Gildea had ruled in September that Apple did not infringe on Samsung's patents because the latter could not prove that it had a domestic industry that used them.

Unlike the courts, the ITC requires companies suing for patent infringement, to use the patents in the country where they are suing. In this case, the patents involved the '114 patent related to user interface and viewing digital documents, the '980 patent relating to dialing on a smartphone, '644 for reliably transmitting and receiving data using packet data trasmission, and the '348 patent that involves the encoding and decoding of transport format combination indicators on CDMA phones.

On September 14th 2012, the Adminitstrative Law Judge made his final initial determination in favor of Apple. On November 19th, the ITC decided to review the ALJ's initial determination and requested written submissions from both sides. On March 13th, the ITC requested additional information from both sides and will make a final decision on June 4th.

source: electronista

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