IDC says Android to become second largest OS to Symbian by 2013

IDC says Android to become second largest OS to Symbian by 2013
It is hard enough to know what you will have for lunch tomorrow, much less try to figure out what the cellphone market will look like in 2013. Still, research firm IDC is predicting that smartphone sales will be greater than 390 million units by that year. Peering deeper into its crystal ball (singular, please), IDC sees that Nokia remains the top selling smartphone throughout the world (minus the U.S., of course). That will allow the Symbian OS to remain number one worldwide. Number two will be a fast moving, comparatively new kid on the block, Android. Google's open source OS will be powering 68 million smartphones by 2013 according to IDC. Starting in 2008 with just 690,000 handsets, growth to the estimated 2013 figure would represent an annual increase of 150% in Android owners. The iPhone OS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile will round out the top 5 while Linux mobile trends lower and webOS grabs a limited share despite steady growth. So when the next 3 years go very quickly, don't forget to refer back to this article and we will see if IDC nailed it. By the way, didn't they pick the Jets to win the Super Bowl this year?

source: IDC via UnwiredView


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