Humor: When Easter candy is made by tech companies

Humor: When Easter candy is made by tech companies
While the meaning behind the celebration of Easter Sunday is not in dispute, the way it is celebrated in some countries will be a source of discussion for some time.

We will not evangelize the meanings of this special day, but we will discuss Easter candy, and the goodness that comes from sharing Easter baskets and gifts during the holiday. Much of the candy is recognized around the world, but what if Google, BlackBerry, Apple and Facebook, et al, got in on it too?

Twitter’s “Tweeps” will certainly fit the bill for a treat, but as the sign says, too much will make you sick. Yahoo! treats are so yesteryear, but Google has a plethora of goodies (though the RSS treat has an expiration date). Microsoft’s Surface is a nice combination, if a bit underdone. Who can forget the iBunny Pro from Apple. Dress this up with a head, ears and tail and you will be seeing your bill (and waistline) get bigger before your eyes.

Finally, there is Facebook’s Zucker-cream egg. We will not lie to you, that is one disturbing candy (creepy really), do not get any on you.

source: The Joy of Tech

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