Humor: Samsung shows us how to do real in-car integration

Humor: Samsung shows us how to do real in-car integration
Not to be outdone by the simple little notion that is CarPlay, the Apple service which will allow easier integration of their automobile and iPhone, Samsung could very well do its own big thing. How about calling it CarFun technology?

The concept is simple. Why bother with a tiny five, or seven-inch control screen on the center console of your car when you could have the mega-sized Samsung SuperNote. This thing takes over the whole windshield of your car.

Who says you can’t see while driving? The SuperNote has a camera, plus it has integrated communication and navigation. More importantly, it is equipped with the best options for in-driving entertainment. Yes, using the SuperNote with CarFun technology, you won’t have to strain to watch that new episode of House of Cards on Netflix on a tiny screen, how you can have a cinematic experience.

Alterations to your car are minimal. Simply remove the windshield, though you might need to have some grinding and welding done along the roof or A-pillar. The steering column might need to be altered, but that is remedied with the steering wheel adapter sold separately. Just look how it will make your vehicle stand out in a crowd. We are sure that Samsung will be inspired by what Nitrozac and Snaggy have conjured up.

source: The Joy of Tech

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