Huawei's Ideos coming to T-Mobile

Huawei's Ideos coming to T-Mobile
The Wall Street Journal reports that Huawei and T-Mobile are in talks about carrying their Ideos smartphone. The phone, unveiled at IFA on Thursday, is the cheapest Android 2.2 phone available. At $200 off-contract and potentially $50 with contract, it represents a terrific value for the latest version of the Android OS. If T-Mobile does carry the device, it will serve to attract new smartphone buyers in the same way as RIM's BlackBerry Curve.
The Huawei Ideos is powered by a 528MHz processor, and features a 2.8" touch screen. Although these specs aren't very impressive when held alongside other Android devices, the features of Android 2.2 might make up for the phone's other shortcomings. A $200 phone with Wi-Fi hotspot capability and Flash 10.1 support is very appealing indeed. Although Huawei has previously focused on industrial technologies, this price-point entry to the consumer market should push them towards a more substantial market share.

source: Wall Street Journal via MobileBurn



1. theking24 unregistered

if this has a smaller screen and the same processor and has froyo, than why cant the hero get froyo?

2. Zio unregistered

Because the companys dont want to upgrade the OS on older phones. They want you to buy newer ones! If they keep upgrading all the old phones, then nobody would buy new ones!

3. clutch unregistered

You can get froyo on your sprint hero if you root your phone. I know I have froyo on my hero

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