Huawei to launch Android-based phone in 2009

Huawei to launch Android-based phone in 2009
Known across the UK for their broadband modem technology, Chinese manufacturer Huawei plans to expand upon their Windows Mobile smartphone offering and launch an Android-based device in the first half of 2009, along with a Symbian-powered unit.

Perhaps the best way to describe their delayed entry into the market comes from James Chen, Huawei's director of marketing for the company's terminals division,who said: "Huawei has had a late take-off in smartphones, but ourfocus on customization means we can still take the lead and achieve ourtargets."  The company will offer the phones as own-label options for operators, rather than under the Huawei brand name.

source: Pocket-Lint



1. unregistered

how do you pronounce that

2. unregistered


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More like "who are we?" lol... cause i never heard of them But more players the better the selection...hopefully

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there are a famous brand man, here in our country they are very well known, because of their 3g phones....they have an average of 20 days battery life

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Used to use a Huawei ADSL modem for 4 years until I dropped water in it by accident. Huawei is not a famous one, but I think their product's quality is not so bad. Let's wait for the device :)

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