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Huawei outs a "making of" video about Pegasus, the horse it created out of 3, 500 smartphones

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Pegasus, the horse with wings has long been a symbol of speed and freedom, and that's precisely why Huawei has chosen it for the symbol of its new phones with the homebrew K3V2 quad-core chipset.

To visualize the "world's fastest smartphone" tagline that it slapped on the Huawei Ascend D quad/D quad XL, the company made a Pegasus statue out of 3, 500 smartphones, which made the horses body look like covered with shiny new mirrors. 

A creative publicity stunt, which took 720 man-hours to create, and is an impressive view that towers Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona. Watch what it took to create a horse out of 3, 500 smartphones and wonder where will the units go afterwards.

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