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Huawei chief disses 2K mobile displays, snubs Xiaomi and Meizu for using them

Huawei chief trolls 2K mobile displays
They say you never knew you needed a Quad HD mobile display until you used one, but Huawei, through its exec Yu Chengdong, is calling shenanigans now. Well, nobody ever said that, but Huawei's chief actually took to the airwaves to say about Xiaomi and Meizu "what were they thinking" - pinpointing the use of 2K panels on their latest flagships - the Meizu MX4 Pro, and the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro.

He said that Huawei ran some endurance tests on the two phones, and came away mightily unimpressed. Exactly what kind of battery test they ran he didn't specify, but his comments about the Mi Note Pro using a Quad HD panel and "just" a 3000 mAh battery pack have been less than flattering. And this is, why, kids, we are only going to use 1080p screens, like on the Ascend Mate7, despite its huge 4000 mAh battery pack. We kid, as, again, he never said that, but it's kind of implied, when you think of it. Moreover, as all flagships this year are shaping up to utilize Quad HD panels, Huawei's own leaked portfolio from last year included a Mate8 with 2K display, and a new Ascend D8 with a 5.5" panel of the same resolution. Has Huawei scrapped those plans? We doubt it.

The thing is that, while we haven't had the chance to put the Mi Note Pro through our battery test, the Meizu MX4 Pro went there, and fared better than the Mate7, its 1080p display and the 4000 mAh battery. Actually, Meizu brags that the Sharp panel it utilizes in the MX4 Pro consumes just 1.06 times the energy of a 1080p panel of the same caliber, and we are inclined to believe that, as Full HD panels with the older technologies fare much worse in our battery test rankings than the newer QHD and 1080p screens.

source: Huawei via GizmoChina
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