Here's how Trump hobbled a $1100 phone into a hummingbird recorder


The Mate 30 Pro that Huawei announced to the world yesterday is perhaps the most amazing piece of smartphone machinery ever produced when it comes to hardware. Huawei threw everything it has at this phone, and it's a lot.

The high-res "waterfall" display and "look, Ma, no buttons!" trends? Sure, they have them. Touchless navigation that is coming with the yet-unannounced Pixel 4? Yep, they put that in, too, just in case, like they did with face unlocking, in-display fingerpinting, ultrafast wireless and reverse charging, the works.

That's not even mentioning the only high-end all-in-one 5G chipset with the record 10 billion transistor count or record number of reception antennas, all the while it also carries two unprecedented in size main camera sensors that cover both the green and yellow for low-light pixel matrices.

There's one thing the Mate 30 Pro won't have, though, and it is Google's apps and services on the phone, as the White House ban on doing business with the company went into a full effect for new Huawei phones. 

What does that mean? Well, this short test is all you need to know about Google and geopolitics turning the most decked-out phone ever made into an expensive machine for recording a hummingbird's feeding routine in incredible slow-mo.

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