Huawei G7002 is slim on the specs and discretely heading to O2 UK

Huawei G7002 is slim on the specs and discretely heading to O2 UK
It's difficult to say if the upcoming Huawei G7002 is going to see the admiration and notoriety associated with the T-Mobile Pulse that surely was a hit on its own for being a decent and inexpensive Android offering. Huawei is bypassing on having their latest handset be branded by a carrier and will go ahead to market itself simply as the Huawei G7002. As much as most consumers were expecting another affordable Android handset, it's not known for sure as to what will be running on the G7002. Some of its features include a touchscreen, 1.3-megapixel camera, integrated FM radio, and a battery that will last for about 12 and a half days on standby. It'll be making its way ever so discretely onto O2 UK's lineup very soon with an easy to swallow price tag of £40 on a pay-as-you-go plan. Following a path similar to other manufacturers, like HTC, Huawei is venturing into new territory as their first self branded handset is about to take flight.

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1. cheeky unregistered

how do you turn it on ?

3. reply unregistered

hold down the red button :P what i want to know is how to add words to the prediction library...

2. liam unregistered

you fucking dunse

4. dunce unregistered

dunce. gutted.

5. foggie50

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 06, 2010

hi, any help. i have a HUAWEI G7002 and i would like to know how to change the caller ringtone to a one i bluetooth.

6. Strumpit unregistered

To set a download as ringtone. Go to phone book Scroll to Caller ringtone. Click OK. Find an empty slot. Options, relace, this will take you to File Manager, open Phone, open Audio (where you downloaded the MP3) Press OK. Back to Menu. Go to User Profile. Make sure there is a green tick on GENERAL. Press Options. Then Customize. Then Tone Setup. Then incoming call. This will take you to the ringtone list. Find your MP3 and press the MP3, or options, then Set As Ringtone. I am sure there must be a better way but it works!

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