Huawei CEO: since the S4 is a 'so-so smartphone' and Apple is 'slipping,' we can be third by 2015


Huawei announced the world's slimmest smartphone last week, the Ascend P6, and adorned it with some premium design elements, alongside decent specs. Recently it also outed the Ascend Mate phablet, which we reviewed and found to be very well made, with barely a weak point.

It is thus becoming very apparent that the company is getting serious about its product offerings, applying the needed attention to detail, and trying to come up with good value-for-money propositions. 

The ambition, however, seems to be much bigger - Huawei's CEO Richard Yu flew journalists from all over the world for last week's unveiling, and revealed his intent to make Huawei the top 3 mobile maker worldwide by 2015. Seemingly a lofty goal, but if you count all the millions of low-ends the company is churning out in China, totally achievable.

More interesting is that Yu is planning to focus on quality and innovation as well, paying meticulous amount to detail, and producing phones better than Apple and Samsung, while selling them for less. We can't say this is a bad recipe for success, if Huawei can pull it off. In an interview Huawei went even further, saying that Apple and Samsung are losing it, and there is a place under the sun for a competitor to offer superior products at a better price:

Huawei doesn't just talk the talk, judging from the Ascend Mate and P6 - it actually introduced some bold features with its Emotion UI on the Mate, like the ability to call or hide the on-screen button bar in any app, and got rid of the app drawer once and for all, making you think why Google hasn't thought of those yet. It also wrapped the UI in hardware that performs above average in most categories that matter, and if it's the same story when the P6 lands with us for review, the CEO has every chance to make a lasting impression with the phones developed under his supervision. What do you think?

source: TheTelegraph
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