Huawei AppGallery is rising fast, attracting millions of developers

Huawei's AppGallery dominates
Huawei's AppGallery seems to have done quite well for itself this past year despite everything, according to recently released numbers. In a press release this week, Huawei revealed that the platform boasts 2.3 million registered developers today—nearly 80% more than last year. Globally, 530 million users are using the platform on a monthly basis, spread over 42 countries compared to 25 in 2019. Huawei's fast-growing mobile ecosystem has been particularly attractive to Chinese developers, who have released over 10,000 apps to the world, many of which are known titles such as Clash of Kings, Game of Thrones, and Asphalt 9.

In fact, gaming has been at the forefront of Huawei's expansion initiatives, with the AppGallery boasting five times more games than last year. App downloads in total reached 384.4 billion in 2020, nearly doubling the previous year's numbers. 

Having established itself solidly in the top three app marketplaces in the world, Huawei has developed its own HMS Core mobile service framework to provide basic infrastructure services such as HUAWEI ID and in-app purchases, allowing for smooth app integration across different devices. Now, Huawei has announced that it offers 120,000 apps integrated with HMS Core on the AppGallery: a 118% increase from last year. One of Huawei's main objectives is to maximize the relevant apps it offers in every area of news, entertainment, social media, and productivity. 

They have also spoken out about their 1+8+N strategy—а vision for developing a full-fledged mobile ecosystem consisting of the smartphone (1), Huawei-developed peripherals (8), and third-party IoT devices that are connected using Huawei HiLink and Huawei Share technologies (N). Huawei is essentially striving to be able to offer an all-in-one package to equal what Samsung and Apple can provide, and its exponential growth this past year has at least proved it can now stand on its own two feet.

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