Howard Stern makes Bold decision

Howard Stern makes Bold decision
In a move that appears to have backfired all over the faces of Palm executives, radio personality Howard Stern was given a Palm Pre to test out. The idea was to give him the device at his home, let him play with all of that yummy Pre goodness that everyone is expecting the handset to have, and then talk about it on his radio show. It would be like running free commercials, what could go wrong? After all, Stern has a Palm Treo so surely this was a no-brainer, right? Wrong. After testing out the Pre, the shock-jock decided on the BlackBerry Bold as his next cellphone because, according to Stern, the Palm Pre was a nice phone but it could not connect to Lotus Notes. Looks like the Palm marketing crew should have done a little more research before turning over their hot phone to Mr. Stern.

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source: ZDNet

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