How to trick out your phone with some sweet custom polygonal wallpapers on Android and iOS

How to trick out your phone with some sweet custom polygonal wallpapers on Android and iOS
Wallpapers are the one thing everyone has totally sorted out on their smartphones and tablets, regardless of what OS they run, what kind of display they have, which processor powers then, and other kinds of variables. In this day and age, you can choose among hundreds of apps with pre-selected backgrounds of various themes, or install a wallpaper generator app that turns clever algorithms into random, unique graphic patterns. This is what we're going to do right now, and our tools of choice will be PolyGen for Android & Crystals Wallpaper for iOS. Sounds like fun, no?


First things first, get the PolyGen app from Google Play on your Android device. It's free (with in-app ads), and it also happens to be the simplest app ever! Or is it, now? In reality, all it takes to come up with a wallpaper is to tap the Refresh button on the left, enjoy the cool animation, and when you get the feeling you like what you're seeing, tap the Share button on the right. There, you can export the picture to the Gallery, or share it via various mediums.

But what if we wanted to actually be in control of what's going on? You know what they say, be careful what you wish for! Swipe from the left side towards the center. Boom! An endless menu of options shows up to intimidate you and satisfy your custom wallpaper cravings in equal parts. When you have this many options to tinker with, your best bet is to have fun and try each one out at random! If choosing your favorite colors is too difficult, maybe selecting a photo and turning it into a wonderful polygonal mess is the better route to take. Either way, simply save the final result to your gallery, and then select it as your new wallpaper.

Crystals Wallpaper

On the iOS side, Crystals Wallpaper is the app to paint the walls with. Gosh, do you remember the time when we couldn't even put custom wallpapers on our iPhones without jailbreaking and such? Apple *sigh* ! Anyway, Crystals is really easy to use. Get it from the App Store and open it straight away. Start tapping and see the magic happen. Patterns appear under your fingers while random soothing sounds play with each tap.

Swipe downwards to erase the picture and start over, or swipe upwards to reveal a menu with shortcuts to save the image, share it on Twitter, send it via Message and Mail, or open it for editing. It's your call!

Swipe from the left to get to the Styles menu, where you can choose between four "basic styles", and buy extra styles for $0.99 apiece. And finally, swipe from the right to get to the About menu, where you can turn off the sounds, and export your creation as a SVG or PDF document. Good stuff!

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