How to take a selfie that actually looks good

How to take a selfie that actually looks good
Ah, selfies! The mania to photograph yourself with the not-so-good front-facing camera of your smartphone, usually in the confines of a place as picturesque as your bathroom, wearing a duckface... The regression of humanity (someone would surely say in disgust)! With such a glorious introduction, you might not be feeling particularly tempted to join the selfie craze, are you?

Well, in this article, we’ll share with you a very simple trick that we think can deliver a deadly blow to the low reputation of selfies, and actually make shots you take of yourself on the front camera of a smartphone look good.

The easiest way to take a good selfie is to simply download the latest Google Camera application and select the Lens Blur option when you photograph yourself with the front camera. Chances are you’ve already heard about Lens Blur - a feature that adds a bokeh-like blurred background effect to images, but did you know that it also works with the front camera of a phone?

This makes it a perfect fit for selfies. Yes, it could take the fun from examining the random garbage people tend to forget often gets in the frame, but it surely makes a difference, if what you want to focus on is actually a photograph of yourself. We’ll even start off by showing you one we did ourselves, see the difference between a selfie with and without Lens Blur right below.

*Disclaimer - this works best when it's just you in the frame. If you want to make a selfie with a friend (or more people), you'd have to go back to the old merry way of taking a shot with the front camera.

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