How to pull off family app sharing on Android

How to pull off family app sharing on Android
Let's say you have a bunch of awesome apps that you bought from Google Play and you now want to share them with someone beside you. Unfortunately, Google is yet to implement a family sharing plan that simply lets you share individual purchases with accounts of your choosing. But the workaround we're going to show you works reasonably well to make up for this particular shortsight. 

Basically, it boils down to adding your Google account to the Android device of whoever you want to share apps with. App sync will do the rest. And if you don't feel comfortable sharing your personal account - okay, you probably hate the very idea of it - one can simply create a dedicated app sharing account they can switch to any time they make a Google Play purchase. When this account is added to respective devices, they can use all apps purchased through it. Could have been much worse! 

Anyway, here's how to sort yourself out:

source: WonderHowTo



1. waddup121 unregistered

Sharing aint all that caring when you put "IZ" like that,

2. VLaRueC

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3. tacarat

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It's also handy for finding the kids with Android device manager. A word of warning, though. Your gmail will now be accessible to others. Password resets, deletion of emails (regarding bad grades) and sending emails in your name will be possible. Add a PIN to the settings via app.

4. Planterz

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Not to mention paid apps and in-app purchases.

5. jroc74

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This is old news for some of us. I did this when I had a 3 line family plan a few years ago. I do it now from time to time when I want to use an app I had on someone elses phone.

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