How to play a fun dinosaur mini-game in the latest Chrome Beta for Android

How to play a fun dinosaur mini-game in the latest Chrome Beta for Android
We love it when Google releases awesome apps & products that we use to power our daily lives. And we especially love it when Google engages "silly Google!" mode and delivers all kinds of quirky, clever easter eggs that make for some truly fun times. 

Well, today is our day, as users uncovered a hidden Google gem inside the latest Chrome Beta for Android. We're eager to spread the goodness, so we're going to show you how to get to it. It's about a fun mini-game starring the pixelated dinosaur that shows up on Chrome's "You're offline" page.

Step one - download the Chrome Beta from the Google Play Store (link) if you don't have it on your device.

Step two - put your device in Airplane mode, or manually disable any active Wi-Fi or data connections. The idea is to go offline and don't let Chrome anywhere near an Internet connection. Got it? Ooh-kay!

Step three - launch Chrome Beta. Absolutely do not bother activating the Internet to login with your Google account. Stay offline and go through the prompts like Casanova walked the streets of Venice.

Step four - tap the search/URL bar and type "" as if you were to open the website. You'll get the "You are offline" screen. In its top side, a T-Rex lives - seemingly idle and alone in his little world, comprised of a 1cm stretch of pixels and an indifferent cloud. If only the dinosaur was to spring to life with a thundering roar...

Step five - tap the dinosaur and you'll finally get to see what its real purpose was all along! Dino will start stomping ahead, but the giant raptor's path will be blocked by cacti! You have to tap to jump over them, otherwise it's game over.

So there you have it - when your connection drops and you're left without internet access, at least you'll be able to distract yourself with the adventures of Dino in pixel-land... assuming Google brings the mini-game to Chrome's stable release. Or, as Reddit user Apoplectic1 put it bluntly, "While you are frustrated about your poor connection, you can just tap that little dinosaur and become progressively more frustrated over how much you fail at a simple game. What a time to be alive!" 

So, what's your high-score?

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