How to play Pokemon and other Game Boy classics on your Android


If you were a kid (or a parent) during the 90s, then you likely know that the Game Boy was all the rage back then. Developed by Nintendo, the 8-bit handheld gaming console was at the top of every boy's (and some girls', of course!) Santa list. Interest in the Game Boy has since died out, of course, but that doesn't mean that nostalgia doesn't creep up on millions of us every now and then, mercilessly demanding that the kid in us be fed some Game Boy goodness, at which point we're usually digging for emulators for our computers.

Thankfully, nowadays you don't have to stay chained to your desktop to enjoy a game of Pokémon as there's an abundance of quality emulators for Android that will execute code written for the Game Boy and let you enjoy classic titles on the go. And, it's easy as pie for even beginners to start gaming on their smartphone in a matter of minutes -- all you need is an emulator app and original Game Boy GBA files. Check out how it's done.

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