How to keep your home devices powered off-grid with a BLUETTI AC300 battery system

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With all the hurricanes, floods, and fires hitting in a barely predictable manner these days, securing an independent power source for your home devices, shed, or RV suddenly became a rather urgent task. Demand for energy storage systems, especially solar-powered kits, surges in the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster and thereafter, and there are finally affordable solutions based on lithium phosphate (LFP) batteries.

Get the BLUETTI AC300 + B300 energy storage system at $700 off!

With a cumulative $700 discount, the Bluetti home energy storage system of an AC300 kit with a B300 battery pack makes providing emergency power for homes or RVs very affordable. The 3000W system can provide power to multiple devices at once while the modular LFP battery packs can be fully charged and discharged every day for a good decade.

How to provide emergency off-grid power with the BLUETTI AC300 modular solar system

Right now, Bluetti is running an irresistible promo for its solar home energy solution that includes the AC300 battery backup system that can house up to four 3,072Wh B300 battery packs and provide 3000W of power within 20 milliseconds of a grid failure.

The AC300+B300 kit is now deeply discounted over at Bluetti with $700 in combined savings, while extra B300 battery packs are slashed by $199. That's already one very affordable energy storage system. Still, Bluetti throws in a combo with its folding two- or three-piece PV200 solar panels at an extra $500 in savings, making for one complete solar-powered energy storage system for your home or RV at a price that would have been unthinkable just until recently.

The complete Bluetti AC300+B300+2xPV200 modular solar power energy storage system now comes up to just $3,397. It can accommodate up to three extra B300 battery packs for hours of powering the HVAC systems, home appliances, electronic devices like phones or laptops, and even charge EVs for a brief supply run. According to Bluetti, just the single-pack system "can run an 800W refrigerator for 3 hours, a 1,500W heater for 1.7 hours, and an 8,000 BTU AC unit for 3-5 hours, ensuring well-lit and functional households." In addition, "a 100W projector can operate for 26 hours, a 500W kettle for 5.2 hours, and a 1,500W electric hammer for 1.7 hours," in just a few other pertinent examples.

The extra B300 expansion battery packs are now just $1999 each and they come with modern LFP cells inside that can be charged and discharged fully with a 3,500-cycle count at minimal maintenance costs. Charging to full is a feat that LFP batteries can take in stride, unlike their nickel and cobalt-based counterparts.

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Get the Bluetti B300 3072Wh expansion battery pack at $500 off!

In addition to the starting AC300 system combo with one B300 battery at a great deal, Bluetti is currently running an offer of expansion B300 battery packs that are offered at $500 each to max out your emergency home power setup for tougher times!

In addition, the AC300 energy storage system can take in solar energy at up to 2,400W during the day, topping up a depleted B300 pack in about two hours, after which it is ready to take on any power interruption due to a natural or man-made emergency with UPS flexibility in a jiffy.

Bluetti EP500: complete emergency power solution for small households

Those looking for a complete preset system to power their home and devices during emergency outages would be glad to hear that Bluetti has come up with such a solution as well.

The Bluetti EP500 alternative to the AC300+B300 combo comes bundled with three PV200 solar panels. It is right now discounted to bring its price below the $5000 mark which, again, would have been unthinkable for a home energy storage and solar power system just a short while ago.

Grab the Bluetti EP500 solar energy power station at $450 off!

Bringing the price of a full solar-powered emergency power kit to your home under five grand, the Bluetti EP500 system deal offers UPS flexibility charged with green solar power!

The all-in-one Bluetti EP500 power station comes with a 5,100Wh battery capacity and a 2,000W inverter that can feed electricity to most home devices. The green solar energy charges the system at a rate of 1200W while the UPS function of the energy storage kit makes sure that the power supply to vital appliances and electronics remains uninterrupted in the case of a blackout or other grid emergency.

With the current deals, Bluetti just offered off-grid power piece of mind to embattled homeowners who are now finding out that insurers have started to exclude natural disaster coverage from their policies in precisely those areas that need insurance the most.

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