How to fix an unresponsive Android device by resetting the software

How to fix an unresponsive Android device by resetting the software
While Android is becoming better and better with each passed year, it's hard arguing against simple facts: its fragmented nature is often problematic and can be the cause of quite a few headaches. And we're not just talking about the differences from the software version of one device to the next, but also the many, many custom skins built on top of Android, and the various chipsets they work on. As you can imagine, software developers have to consider all of these variables with their apps, and that sometimes proves too great a challenge. Occasionally, we're just talking about genuinely bad code that goes rogue and breaks something. 

You're now stuck. You can reboot your device, but that last app that you thought sounds amazing broke something, and you just can't use your device properly. Worse yet, the issue is so serious that you can't even reset your device from Settings. So what do you do? Unless you've completely wiped your system partition, the easiest way to get back in business is to reset the device through its recovery. Here's how it works:



6. Bm888

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There goes *boobs'buster* .. ¿¿¿ How about #¡os8gate #message Gate 》》 Does that remind #¡Lag ? :))) ^Bm ™

7. waddup121 unregistered

I do this alll day.

8. defcon888

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I recommend also wiping the partition at least 2 to 3 times. Also, I usually wipe the data/factory reset at least 2 to 3 times. It takes only a couple of seconds to do it. Just remember that it is good to back up your data to the cloud or to your SD card (if you have one). I use "MyBackUp Pro" but my new LG G4 came with LG Backup which does the same thing. I also use Nova Launcher and that allows me to back up my homescreen(s) so after I do a recovery....I restore it and the phone looks like it did before without me having to recreate my homescreen(s).

10. javy108

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The bad about Nova Launcher on LG Devices is that it doesnt allow to add Widgets created by LG (example= weather or Music Player Stock)

9. Mxyzptlk unregistered

That's a pretty major step. At least in ios if you wipe your device you can recover the data if you backed it up. On Android that's not always possible possible depending on your manufacturer. I think this should be a very last resort. At least show people how to clear the cache first before doing a factory reset.

12. MyJobSux

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This is great IF you had your data backed up. I wish there would be an option to mount the memory so you could pull data off. Thing is you have to configure that prior. So now I have one handset sitting there with pictures on it that I cant access beause some stupid app update broke the phone.

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