How to enable (or disable) photo and video geo-location on Android

How to enable (or disable) photo and video geo-location on Android
Please note: this is a tutorial for inexperienced users (beginners).

Whenever you take a photo or shoot video with your Android device, you have the option to include geolocation data - GPS coordinates that accurately show where that photo or video was taken.

Photo and video location is not enabled by default on Android, so here’s how to turn it on. You first need to open the Camera app, then swipe from left to right. A Settings icon will show up on the bottom left side of the screen - tapping on that icon will take you to the Settings menu. Once you’re there, you just need to toggle the “Save location” button on. The whole process is really simple, and is illustrated below.

Mind you, location tagging will work only if your device’s location is on (if it’s not on, you can easily enable it from your device’s quick settings menu, and it’s best to choose the “High accuracy” mode).

Once you allow Google to save photo location details, GPS coordinates - latitude and longitude - will appear in your photos’ EXIF data. When images are viewed in Google Photos, you’ll even see their location on the map. If you want to, you can hide the location at any time after photos are taken.

While this quick tutorial was made on stock Android 4.4.4, the process should be more or less similar on devices running other versions of Android.



1. flipjzn

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now we know, oh wait! lol :)

2. hmd74

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WoW what a hard thing to do!

3. sharks

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what? say again? information overload. my brain hurts! lololol

4. maza1970

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One problem with all camera apps, when you make a snapshot there is no time for the app, to get the position and your photo has no location included! A solution is the free android app ZGeo that look for the location after you make the image. You can search for ZGeo in the google play store to get a impression.

5. xavier_lambre

Posts: 1; Member since: Nov 07, 2016

How to enable geolocation is nice, but if you want to switch between enable and disable mode it's not so funny story. Luckily I found another android app - "GPS Privacy", that removes the GPS coordinates automatically. You just define your "Privacy areas", and your pictures won't have GPS tags when taken in these areas. Very useful if you have the pictures uploaded automatically online. Hope this would be helpful for you as well!

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