How to disable bloatware apps without root

How to disable bloatware apps without root
A lot can be said about the toxicity of bloatware apps, but since this guide will be about how to get rid of them, we won't indulge in needless discussion. For those of you not in the know, 'bloatware' refers to all that extra stuff that's been pre-loaded on your device, before you even got to your neighborly carrier's outlet. These often come in considerable numbers, are sometimes downright irritating and take up space, and worst of all -- can't be removed by normal means. The situation is so bad, really, that countries like South Korea are targeting the practice with upcoming legislation that will see it discontinued by law. What's making matters worse is the fact that if you want to get truly rid of the extra fat, you'll need to be rooted, a simple operation that still scares a whole lot of people (that's probably for the better, though). Now, there are some scripts that will work without root, but they require some basic understanding of Android recoveries, which tend to freak out people even more, and they still require quite some manual work. Obviously, to thoroughly clean your system of bloat, you'll need root, but you're not completely powerless if you're unwilling to. Said otherwise, this is a quick guide suitable for Android beginners.

Disable bloatware apps without root

You don't need to fully delete bloatware apps to get some peace of mind -- you can disable them and  even stop them from popping notifications. This won't delete the actual application, but it'll be removed from your homescreen/app drawer, and we'll even show you how to free up some space in the process. Simply follow the simple steps outlined in the gallery below, and you're set.


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