How to annoy Generation Y - just call them (comic)

How to annoy Generation Y - just call them (comic)
With the advent of media rich and communication savvy smartphones, the actual calling feature of the cell phone has steadily been on decline. Study after study and survey after survey indicate that we are talking and even texting less from our phones, compared to just a year or two ago, for the sake of IM, tweeting, sending emails and jonesing Facebok updates.

The so-called Generation Y, also called the Millenials, is now heavily into communicating by social media and other digital forms, rather than meeting or even talking on the phone, with all the obligatory and time-consuming pleasantries and social norms that have to be followed when you call someone.

The comic below, "How to annoy a Millenial", sums up this growing trend pretty nicely, and the carriers have picked up on it to the extent that now voice and text are often unlimited, raking in the dough through rationing mobile data plans.

source: StickyComics via Gizmodo

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