How to add and manage user accounts on Android 5.0 Lollipop smartphones

How to add and manage user accounts on Android 5.0 Lollipop smartphones
While most Android users are still waiting for an official update to Lollipop, many already know what the new version of Google’s OS has to offer. One of the novelties that Lollipop comes with is the ability to add multiple users (and guests) on the same phone - a feature that Android tablets have had for some time.

Obviously, Google made it easy to add and manage multiple user accounts on Lollipop smartphones. But just in case there will be users who want a quick tutorial, here's how it's done.

Pull down the notifications menu from the home screen or lock screen, and tap on the round icon on the top right corner (this displays your Google+ photo if you have one and you’re logged in). A user settings screen will open, from where you can add either a new user, or a guest - there are icons for each option. When you add a user, you have (or the new user has) to set up his/her personal space. This won’t last more than a few minutes. After the set up is complete, the new user will have his/her own home screen and settings - different than yours. You can add other users, and switch between them from the same settings screen that appears whenever you tap on the round icon found on the top right of your notifications menu.

Deleting users is also easy: from the settings screen, tap on “More Settings” and you’ll see a list of all users (including you, the owner of the phone). Each user has an icon on the right - taping on it leads you to a sub-menu where you have the option to delete the user. Everything's explained in the screenshots below.

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