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How much storage memory do you actually have in your phone?

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How much storage memory do you actually have in your phone?
In this day and age of big-screen smartphones that are becoming more and more like media consumption devices, storage vaults for our personal information, or 1080 video recorders, how much memory is enough?

There has been a brouhaha lately about the troubling trend of unibody smartphone designs that find no place for a microSD card slot for expanding the memory that the manufacturers decided to embed in there. 

Many handsets, from the iPhones, through the HTC One series, to the newest Nokia Lumia 920 or the yet-unannounced LG Nexus 4, are quick to be chastised for the lack of expandable storage.

That is why we wanted to ask you, dear readers, how much memory do you actually carry in your phone - we mean the internal storage that came with your handset, plus an eventual memory card placed in there. 

So how many gigabytes do you carry with your phone in total ? Check your amount in the poll below, and chime in the comments what feels just right for you at this point.

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