How long does your iPhone 6s battery last on average?


Until the iPhone 6 Plus, Apple used to be getting a lot of flak about the comparatively small capacity of the batteries they put in their most popular smartphone model. Granted, the iPhones usually don't need large batteries, as the synergy of the custom power-sipping Apple chipset, the latest generation displays, and the proprietary iOS optimized for the homemade hardware meant that even with sub-2000 mAh batteries, Apple's handsets manage to get you through the day.

Nowadays, however, where even midrangers are equipped with 3000+ mAh batteries in comparatively slim and light chassis, the proverbial daily charge may not cut it. Enter the iPhone 6s, and its first battery life tests - it managed to nail an "excellent" score during our own, surviving more than 8 hours of screen-on time while displaying our proprietary imagery mashup that aims to emulate real-world usage. Given that the iPhone usually has no issues with power draw while on standby, eight hours and change of screen-on time typically mean at least a day and a half of real-life usage.

How long does an iPhone 6s battery last?

Battery life(hours)Higher is better
HTC 107h 10 min(Average)
Apple iPhone 65h 22 min(Poor)
Samsung Galaxy S76h 37 min(Average)
Apple iPhone 6s8h 15 min(Average)
Charging time(hours)Lower is better
HTC 101h 40 min
Apple iPhone 62h 27 min
Samsung Galaxy S71h 28 min
Apple iPhone 6s2h 30 min

That is why we wanted to ask you how long does your iPhone 6s last on average according to your unscientific observations. Does it have to be charged at the end of the typical workday, does it last you the evening out? Maybe it's good till noon the next day if you charge it in the morning, or, hey, it might even last you throughout the weekend! Granted, everybody has different usage types, but, after all, the handset has been around for almost ten months now, and owners should have a pretty good overview if battery life has gotten better with the latest iPhone edition. Take your pick in the poll below, and tell us your experience with the iPhone 6s' longevity with normal everyday usage.

How long does your iPhone 6s battery last on average?

Less than 12 hours (gets me through the workday)
About 12 hours (gets me through the day)
About 24 hours (it's done by the next morning)
About 36 hours (gets me till noon the next day)
About 48 hours (gets me through the weekend)
More than two days

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